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Project Name

Project Tetsuo

Project Members

Project Lead, Developer Relations: Scott van Kalken

Project Admin, Security Lead: Shain Singh

Project Details


What we are

  • A way to deploy serverless without refactoring code.

  • Deploy direct from your repository.

  • No infrastructure to worry about.

  • Blindingly fast.

What we are not

  • Yet another serverless DSL.

  • Lock-in to a platform.

  • A container technology.


Please refer to our evolving Architecture


To make more sense of what we are doing, we created a short video.

Watch the video

Project Communication

Project Contributions

  • Provide feedback and report potential bugs
  • Suggest enhancements to the project
  • Fix a Bug or implement an Enhancement

Refer to CONTRIBUTING and our CODE_OF_CONDUCT for further information.